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We kindly remind our customers that DomesticViolenceMasters.com is part of the family of The American Course Educational Center (TACEC), and the following terms and conditions are applicable for all courses provided by TACEC. Please be advised that for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, DomesticViolenceMasters.com will be referred to as TACEC. 

We kindly ask you ro read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the services offered on this website. By accessing or using any part of this website, you agree to become bound by the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

Acceptance of Terms

The services provided on this website are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. TACEC reserves the right to make changes and renewals without expressly informing you. We recommend our clients to check out the Terms and Conditions link for updates periodically. The link mentioned can easily be found on the bottom of the current page.

Description of Services

TACEC provides you with access to a large number of resources including online lectures, educational information, video tutorials, scientific research, exercises which are also subject to the Terms and Conditions.

Personal Use Limitation

Both services and all materials provided on this website are for your personal use only. It is strictly forbidden to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, or sell any information obtained from TACEC.

Software Use

The Software provided by TACEC is also a subject to the Terms and Conditions. None of our clients will receive access to our domestic violence class unless they accept the terms of the agreement.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

See our Privacy Policy relating to the usage of your personal data.

Account, Password, and Security

Every customer is entirely responsible for the confidentiality of their account number and password. In addition, you are responsible for any activities that occur under your account. According to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to notify TACEC immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach in security. TACEC is not liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your account number or password, either with or without your knowledge. You may not use anyone else’s account number at any time.

Unlawful or Prohibited Use

It is not allowed to attempt to gain unauthorized access to any services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any TACEC server or any of the services, through hacking, password mining, or any other means. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available through the services.

Student Account Disclosures

Neither legal, nor medical advice is provided by TACEC.

TACEC is not responsible for any client-side technical issues. The term ‘technical issues’ includes the basic knowledge of operating a computer, tablet or any mobile device, the compatibility of your computer, tablet or mobile device, network connectivity as well as the usage of the necessary software applications or programs.

TACEC reserves the right to contact you in regards to your studying process. Your agreement with the current disclosure gives us the right to contact you via telephone calls, text messages and emails.

Your privacy is our priority. All information shared between TACEC and the client (You) orally, electronically, and in writing will be managed within legal and ethical considerations. We will take precautions to disclose information only to those who have a right to know. For further details, please read carefully our Privacy Policy.

Hourly and Weekly Courses

TACEC offers clients the choice between hourly and weekly courses, with each course type having distinct differences. Hourly courses are designed to be completely self-paced and adaptable to the participant's schedule and individual needs, while weekly courses follow a set pace and require the minimum number of relevant weeks for completion. In weekly courses, students gain access to one session per week, every Monday.

It is imperative that clients enroll in the prescribed course type and duration mandated by the entity requiring the course. Failure to do so may result in the institution rejecting the course. Our team urges clients to review the requirements of their respective institutions carefully before enrolling in any of our courses. Our team is available to provide guidance and support in the event of any queries or concerns.

Guaranteed Acceptance

TACEC recognizes the possibility of situations arising where official documents may be rejected due to non-compliance with form requirements. In such cases, cancellation requests will only be entertained if the rejection is caused by non-acceptance of distance learning or the lack of proper credentials and qualifications of the course instructor.

It should be noted that refunds and cancellations are not accepted if students have not adhered to prescribed course length, program type (hourly/weekly options), or nature of the course.

In accordance with our guaranteed acceptance policy, participants may request a refund in cases of institutional denial. To qualify for this, written and signed proof of such denial must be provided within 7 business days of receipt.

Document Submission Responsibility

The student is responsible for submitting any required documents, including but not limited to letters of enrollment, certificates of completion, or any other materials, to relevant institutions such as courts, probation officers, CPS, DCF, and other applicable entities. TACEC does not automatically send any documents to said institutions.

Course Abandonment

Students who abandon their course work by displaying no progress in the course for a period of 6 or more months will have their course enrollment invalidated. In such cases, they will be required to initiate a new enrollment and pay the full enrollment fee to resume the course. Course enrollment shall be deemed abandoned when no activity or progress has been shown for a duration of 6 months.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We claim that we provide the cheapest anger management online classes in the United States and Canada. In case you find a more affordable course with the same hourly/weekly specifications, you will pay only 50% of the competitor's price.

The guarantee applies only to publicly offered course prices. Competitor’s individually offered deals and discounts are not subject to our guarantee.

The competitor’s course must be completely online and offer a Letter of Enrollment, Certificate of Completion and course materials at no additional charge.

The competitor’s course must be licensed as a domestic violence provider by any national institution.

The customer can request payment discount If they:

  1. Provide us a valid proof of a lower competitor’s price within 48 hours of their purchase on DomesticViolenceMasters.com.

  2. Provide us a valid proof of a lower competitor’s price prior to their purchase on DomesticViolenceMasters.com.

No Hidden Costs Guarantee

The No Hidden Costs Guarantee assures our clients that all fees for the letter of enrollment, certificate of completion, and materials needed during the course are included in the price presented on our website. It is important to note that any changes to course duration (such as upgrades and downgrades) or type (hourly to weekly and vice versa) are not included in this guarantee and are subject to additional fees.

We at TACEC hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and honesty with our clients. We encourage our clients to review our FAQs section for detailed information regarding fees associated with any changes to their courses.


The services provided on our website are strictly educational and should not be regarded as legal or medical advice or any other kind of consulting. Neither TACEC nor any of its course providers is not a government entity or a court. The correspondence between you and any of our representatives should not be considered confidential.

Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and TACEC and govern your use of the services provided on any of its websites.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at support@americancec.com.

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