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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQs page of DomesticViolenceMasters, where we aim to enhance your customer experience by addressing some of the most important questions you may have. We understand that navigating court ordered domestic violence classes can be complex, and we are here to provide clarity and support.

Within this section, you will find answers to common queries regarding our remote learning program, course options, curriculum compliance, pricing transparency, and certificate of completion. We strive to ensure that all pertinent information is readily available to empower you in meeting your legal requirements while fostering personal growth.

Should you have any further concerns or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way.



Who is eligible to enroll in the domestic violence class?

The domestic violence class is suitable for individuals who have the will and strength to face the issue.

How can I enroll in a program?

To enroll in a program, simply create an account on our secure website and complete the registration process.

Will I receive any confirmation of my enrollment?

Yes, upon registration, you will receive a complimentary letter confirming your enrollment.

Can I enroll in this program if I have already completed a domestic violence course before?

Yes, you can still enroll in the program for additional education.

Can victims of domestic violence enroll in this program?

No, this program is specifically designed for offenders and not intended to support or aid domestic violence victims.


What is DomesticViolenceMasters?

DomesticViolenceMasters is an online platform that offers a specialized course on domestic violence, prioritizing the well-being of families affected by this issue.

What is the purpose of the domestic violence class?

The class aims to educate individuals about violence, its dimensions, manifestations, and to help them overcome it.

What qualifications does the Certified Domestic Violence Specialist - CDVS - I have?

The CDVS-I is a certified domestic violence specialist who developed the course with a strictly educational purpose.

Are the classes conducted online?

Yes, the domestic violence classes are entirely online and can be accessed at your convenience.

How long are the programs offered by DomesticViolenceMasters?

The programs offered by DomesticViolenceMasters have flexible durations of either 2 or 16 hours/weeks, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your schedule.

Who requires individuals to complete a domestic violence class?

Courts, judges, parole or probation officers, legal representatives, schools, and other organizations or entities may require participation in these classes.

Will completing this class fulfill court or probationary requirements?

Yes, DomesticViolenceMasters' classes are designed to meet the requirements of courts, probation officers, and other reputable institutions.

Are there different names for the domestic violence class?

Yes, the class can be found under various names such as DV Class, Family Violence Intervention Program, Spousal Abuse Class, and more.

Is the domestic violence class self-paced?

The hourly classes are self-paced, allowing you to progress through the material at your own convenience. On the other hand, the weekly classes have set pace and provides access to only one session per week, every Monday.


Is DomesticViolenceMasters recognized in the United States and Canada?

Yes, DomesticViolenceMasters is widely recognized and reputable across both the United States and Canada.

Is this domestic violence program available in all states in the US?

Yes, Domestic ViolenceMasters offers its online domestic violence courses in all states across the United States.

Is this online domestic violence course accepted in all states?

The course is generally accepted in all states, as well as in the majority of counties that permit distance learning. However, we advise participants to ensure acceptance by their specific home state or county by providing them with a letter of enrollment for pre-approval.

Are domestic violence classes offered in all provinces in Canada?

Yes, DomesticViolenceMasters offers a diverse range of domestic violence programs in every province throughout Canada.

Is this online course universally accepted in all Canadian provinces?

The certificate of completion for the online domestic violence course is generally accepted in nearly all provinces across Canada. However, it is advisable to verify acceptance in your specific province before enrolling in the course.


How much are the courses at DomesticViolenceMasters?

DomesticViolenceMasters offers courses beginning at just $29.99. The cost, however, is based on the length of the program.

Are there any additional costs related with joining this course?

No, there are no additional costs for the courses offered by DomesticViolenceMasters.

Do the courses offered by DomesticViolenceMasters have a lowest price guarantee?

To ensure that you get the best deal possible, DomesticViolenceMasters does indeed offer a lowest price guarantee. Visit our course guarantees page to learn more about it.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club. Please feel free to enroll and pay with credit cards, debit card and prepaid cards with these logos.

Can I pay in installments?

Currently no.


Is there a workbook or other resources that I need to purchase separately?

No. Complete access to all the resources is free and available online. After successfully registering for the DomesticViolenceMasters online course, you will have full permission to use them.

Does accessing the materials require any specialised software?

No, all you need is a web browser-enabled device and an internet connection.


Can I change my course with a different programme (weekly to hourly and vice versa) or one of a different length?

Yes. You can do this from the dashboard of your account without losing your progress.

If I already have an enrollment, do I have to pay additional fees to change courses?

Yes, the cost to switch to a shorter or longer course, or from an hourly to a weekly schedule, or vice versa, is $14.99.

Do I have to pay the additional costs associated with the new course when I change the programme?

Yes, if you upgrade, you must pay the difference between the price of the previous and new course in addition to the $14.99 fee. The price difference is not refundable, nevertheless, when selecting a course with a shorter duration or one of lower value.


Do I need to pass a final exam to complete the course?

No. You do not need to pass a final exam to earn certification.


What will I receive upon completing the course?

Upon successful completion, you will receive a free certificate of completion, which can be used for verification purposes.


Can I cancel this course after purchase?


If I find a course with a cheaper price than yours, how can I use your lowest price guarantee?

The customer can request payment discount If they: 

1. Provide us a valid proof of a lower competitor’s price within 48 hours of their purchase on DomesticViolenceMasters. 

2. Provide us valid proof of a lower competitor’s price prior to their purchase on DomesticViolenceMasters.

You can learn more about our lowest price guarantee by reading our Terms&Conditions.

How do I proceed if my certificate is rejected?

DomesticViolenceMasters kindly ask participants to send their Letter of enrollment for pre-approval to the authority that mandated the domestic violence course completion. However, If anything occurs and the Certificate we provide you with is not accepted for occupational or legal requirements, we will make a full refund back to your bank account as soon as you send us a written proof of decline.

Cancellation requests will only be taken into account if the rejection is caused by non-acceptance of distance learning or the lack of proper credentials and qualifications of the course instructor. It should be noted that refunds and cancellations are not accepted if students have not adhered to prescribed course length, program type (hourly/weekly options), or nature of the course. 

In accordance with our guaranteed acceptance policy, participants may request a refund in cases of institutional denial. To qualify for this, written and signed proof of such denial must be provided within 7 business days of receipt.


Is it safe for me to send personal information to DomesticViolenceMasters.com?

Yes. Your privacy and online secrecy are protected by DomesticViolenceMasters.com. Your personal information remains secure on our website using advanced encryption. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

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