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Quebec Domestic Violence Classes

DomesticViolenceMasters provides online domestic violence classes in Quebec that are designed to help individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence offenses. Our courses range from 2 to 16 hours, and are completely online, with no hidden fees. Upon completion of the course, our clients receive a free certificate of completion.

Our program is developed by a Certified Domestic Violence Specialist (CDVS-I), ensuring that it meets the requirements set forth by the province of Quebec. The course addresses a variety of topics, including the effects of domestic violence on families, children, and society as a whole. It also covers topics such as anger management, communication skills, and conflict resolution strategies.

Our program has been recognized by institutions throughout Quebec, including the courts, probation offices, employers and social services agencies. Our courses have been designed specifically for those who have been convicted of domestic violence offenses, with the aim of helping them to understand the root causes of their behavior and providing them with the tools they need to change their behavior.

If you have been convicted of a domestic violence offense in Quebec, our online domestic violence classes can help you meet the requirements of your sentence. Sign up today and take the first step towards rebuilding your life and ending the cycle of violence.

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  • Mandating Domestic Violence in Quebec

    In Quebec, the mandate to complete domestic violence courses can be issued by authorized entities, including domestic violence courts, law enforcement agencies, and dedicated social service agencies. Such mandates are typically invoked in cases involving domestic violence and serve the purpose of addressing the underlying issues, ensuring the safety of victims, and fostering the overall well-being of the individuals involved.

  • Standard Duration Requirements in Quebec

    Domestic violence courses in Quebec usually range from a few hours to several weeks in duration, depending on factors such as the severity of the offense, jurisdiction, and individual progress.

  • Cities With Most Enrollees in Quebec

    A multitude of cities in Quebec, including Montreal, Quebec City and Laval, have reported a significant uptick in participants enrolled in domestic violence courses.

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About the course

The domestic violence course offered by DomesticViolenceMasters is a comprehensive online program designed to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to address and prevent domestic violence. Developed by a Certified Domestic Violence Specialist (CDVS-I) with extensive expertise in assisting offenders of domestic violence, this course adheres to the highest industry standards.

Participants in this course will engage with a diverse curriculum that covers a wide range of essential topics, including the identification of signs of domestic abuse and effective strategies for intervention. Through interactive lessons and practical exercises, learners will acquire valuable techniques for establishing healthy relationship boundaries and promoting violence-free environments.

One of the standout features of this program is its flexibility and accessibility. With an array of duration options available, ranging from 2 hours to 16 weeks, learners can select the timeframe that best suits their individual needs and schedules. To further enhance the learning experience, DomesticViolenceMasters provides participants with a complimentary letter of enrollment and a completion certificate. These official documents serve as tangible evidence of course participation and achievement. Sample copies of both documents are available for review upon request.

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